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Scénario de Sylvie LAPORTE

dialogues de Jacques RABEMANANJARA


Fiction en cours de développement.




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It is a thriller, an action film, a fiction based on real facts telling the story of a man who is arrested and is accused of having organized the attack of the Malagasy against the French during the events of the 29 March 1947 in Madagascar then still a French colony. This insurrection of the Malagasy people repressed by France was to leave on the Malagasy side more than 100,000 victims. The man is a poet, Malagasy deputy to the French National Assembly in 1946. As one of the main founding members of the MDRM (Democratic Movement for Malagasy Renovation), he was imprisoned in Madagascar, tortured and accused of fomented this insurrection. Sentenced to forced labor for life, from the bottom of his jail, he proclaims his innocence. One evening when the head of security, Marcel Baron, told him that he was going to be shot the next day in the public square, he wrote an immense poem in the night of his jail, that of a condemned man who cries out his innocence. , the innocence of his country, the beauty of his country and the independence of Madagascar. By chance, thanks to a head teacher who loves beautiful letters, the poem reaches Paris to the famous founder of the Présence Africaine publishing house, Alioune Diop, who is aware of the unjust captivity of his friend Jacques Rabemananjara whose name means in Malagasy the favorite lord of Destiny.

When in 1948, through the Parisian friends of Rabé (his code name within the MDRM), François Mauriac received from the penal colony of Nosy Lava a letter containing this poem written by hand by the young “condemned to death” . Mauriac knew how to recognize there a pure heart with a noble language and immense talent.

The publishing house “Présence Africaine” published “Antsa”. François Mauriac wrote the preface and thus participated in the release of Jacques Rabemananjara, deported to Les Baumettes in Marseilles in 1955 and conditionally released in 1956 after 10 years of detention. In 2004, exiled to France after the 1972 revolution, he is a citizen of the 14th arrondissement, after having been Minister of the Economy and Vice-President of the Malagasy Democratic Republic, the French Academy awarded him the Grand Prix de la Francophonie. At his desk, in his Paris apartment, he still signs his mail with the words of this poem written in captivity. He will die on April 2, 2005 leaving a considerable literary work as a worthy founding member of the current of the Poets of Negritude.


I am urgently looking for an interested production to bring this important subject of the incarceration of the Poet Jacques Rabemananjara, one of the 4 pillars of the literary movement of the Poets of Negritude. Following the insurrection of the Malagasy people in 1947 in Madagascar, the latter was arrested and sentenced to hard labor and life imprisonment. He wrote a large part of his work during his detention in the penal colony of Nosy-Lava then at the Baumettes in Marseilles, always claiming his innocence, victim of the policy of the government of Vincent Auriol in his colony.

I am also urgently looking for a distribution that can ensure the proper distribution of this film.

For any additional information, you can write to me at

There are a lot of wonderful roles in this storyline.

The film will be shot in Paris, Marseille and Madagascar.

Thank you in advance for your interest.

Sylvie Laporte



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